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October 27th, 2011, 09:27
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
The game is still a mess that should of been polished more. As for more factions there coming but you will have to buy them. Kind of reminds me of Disciples 3 you have to buy the expansion to add the other factions.

Ubisofts implantation of drm puts a damper on the game also. Its more of a 6.5/10 for me.
I have to agree almost completely with you on this one.

Yeah Conflux implementation (with-holding of basic features from previous heroes games for their "fully featured" offline-mode), bugs (unit abilities, spells, interface options, and campaign scenario scripting errors), graphical glitches (missing textures/objects, lack of anti-aliasing even in cut-scenes, bizarre drawing lag), as well as issues with the reliability of their online services (dynasty weapons vanishing, connectivity/consistency issues, synching problems, etc.). These things all make this game a 6.5 or so for me as well in the game's current state.

If all of the technical faults were fixed and the Conflux integration remained as is, I could accept the game getting an 8.5 or even a 9.0 out of 10 as long as the inconsistent experience depending on ISP and Conflux-side reliability were mentioned as a caveat. The review fails to touch on the largest faults in the game and is bereft of detail in general. Many relatively positive reviews of the game have made significant mention of these faults - though this one seems to have failed to take due note of them. It seems shallow and insufficient to the point where the author's claim of playing the game as much as he has seems dubious at best.
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