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October 27th, 2011, 22:59
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
For those who dropped the demo because of the (truly awful) font: it's fixed in the full game.

Really a delight to play. Both the enemy AI and the in-game help systems could serve as models for just about any AAA developer out there.

Same thing happened to me! I'm meandering out of the castle. I already know they're waiting for me, but I'm thinking Right, this is the training fight to ease me into the game. Since I've been playing games like this for years it will be a cakewalk. And I've got a bunch of NPC guards on my side.
Whole party wiped out in five or six rounds.

This is so true. I have not played a AAA game in the last 10 years with such good combat system/encounter design, AI, and in-game help.

It really shows that one guy with good ideas designing for a niche market can do better than design by committee for a broad audience.
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