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October 28th, 2011, 06:25
The Holy Avenger sword was added to the Elite VoD loot list.

In the hands of a Paladin, it has both holy and axiomatic burst, radiance (4d6 light damage on crit, chance to blind), greater dispelling and spell resistance 35. Otherwise, it is a +5 Cold Iron Longsword.

Somewhat meh, as axiomatic burst only affects a smallish subset of critters, and holy only about half the critters. It only breaks Demon DR, so only the three or four Mariliths are affects. And the Demon queen is lawful I think. So either not much better, or worse than, the level 14 Holy Sword. The Spell resistance is the nicest part; 35 is the highest I've seen, and may even have a marked effect in epics; pre-epic it will be very powerful, though this is a ML18 sword.

re:money cap - You become premium by buying points in the store and buying something. You could just grab the cheapest points pack, but it's up to you if this game is worth that much or anything to you. Otherwise, I don't know of anyway to get that plat, and the mail will probably vanish after awhile.

On a further note, check the AH and brokers regularly. There was an Alchemical Light Hammer in the House D weapons broker, and I bought an Icy Bursted Paralyzing Khopesh off the AH for a mere 18,000pp. There was also a Jorgundal's collar for 58kpp, which gives 10% melee alacrity .In other words, very nice item to have. Yes I bought it and no you can't have it. The others up were close to 500k each.
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