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October 29th, 2011, 11:51
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
I felt being cheated by Bioware anyway, after I found out how my decisions affect the long-term look-out for the Dwarven population …

I felt cheated by Bioware, because I had the impression that they wanted to spoil my "good outcome experience" definitively. My impression was that I SHOULD NOT have a positive feeling of the game like "the world is saved again".

They did - in my opinion - everything to mix a slight poson or a bitter taste into everything, so that I just couldn't rejoice or have a good feeling with this game.

(Example : The Ghost boy and hi mother, as I call them, deep within the ancient Elven ruins. They were never meant to be united by the developers, or otherwise they would have done so. Or someone just forgot them. This is my personal strongest example of how they tried hard, very hard to instill into the player a feeling of sadness, of morbidity, of helplessness, and of several other negatiove feelings as well. It's as if they were not only destroying my sand castle, but also taking away all tools with which I could build and rebuild it, to use the cliché.)

And as I realized that, I "paused" this game.

I'm still unsure whether I want to play it to the end, and buy the "ultimate" version of it … Simply because I can sense that "sweet poison" throughout the whole game …
So you owuld have prefered if it had the same trite pulp-fiction romance (Groschenhefte) level writing that we get all too often? As much as I value you as a forum member, I hope nobody listens to a word you say about storytelling in games!
To me this was what actually made DA:O a memorable experience, and that is doubly true for the ending(s).
I'll put the rest in spoiler tags, just in case:
Spoiler – Da:O endgame spoilers
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