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October 29th, 2011, 23:10
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
You've watched The Road way too much

To me the Post-apocalyptic setting doesn't mean a dying planet. That's just that stupid Road movie that made no sense.

Post-apocalyptic is after civilization is smashed to bits. How would we rebuild it? Sure there would be chaos and suffering in the beginning, but mankind would start to rebuild.

If history has proven anything to me it is that mankind will find a way to survive. Chaos can only last so long with us before order starts to form and take control.

Too bad for the animals though. They'd be better off if we did bite the bullet.
It can come in many forms, nuclear, zombie virus, alien invasion (coincidentally all of those types have received the tv series treatment in recent years), asteroid hit.

It's about the rebuilt part, but is it still post-apocalyptic if civilization recovered? Chronologically it would ofcourse be postapoc. Two thousand years after an apocalyptic event is still "post" Apocalypse, but themetically would the appocalypse still be of any significance?

Sorry, for getting off-topic.
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