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October 30th, 2011, 04:51
My opinion on this is that a P.A. event in a game is similar to the fall of the Roman Empire.

I know that the fall of the Roman Empire doesn't sound like an apocalyptic event, but in a lot of ways it is.

I could go on and write about how cities were leveled, technology lost and we reverted back to superstition after the fall and then we entered the dark ages which lasted hundreds of years. But it just boils down to that for about six hundred years we were set back hundreds of years and nothing improved during that time……Well not "NOTHING", but pretty much as a civilization we were stagnant. Hell even the most basic invention needed for any growing civilization was lost for a time. I'm talking about that thing we all take for granted, plumbing

That to me is an apocalyptic event. No matter in what form it comes the end result is the same. Technology lost, brute force and superstition win the day. It seems we are headed for another dark age if you take a look around the world. We have become so dependent on electricity and fuel that if you took away one or the other it indeed would cause another dark age as easily as the corruption and "barbarians" caused the first one.

I often wonder just where we would be if the fall did not happen at all. If instead Rome survived. Just look at what we've accomplished these past hundred years. Hell look at what we've done in my lifetime. Where would we be if instead of the dark ages we advanced more as a species?

But I've gone way off topic and into P&R territory, god forbid. Bottom line is that we have had apocalyptic events in the past and survived. We would survive another despite the illusion of how powerful we are. If we bombed the whole planet tomorrow, pockets of us would survive. The Earth would not be destroyed despite the movies/fear mongering politicians predictions that it would be. The arrogance to think that we could destroy Earth with our puny weapons is mind boggling. A nuke to us might seem huge, but to the Earth…LOL, it would shrug it off and heal itself in what would seem to it a blink of an eye, but to us it would last centuries. We are such short-lived fearful little animals that we hardly ever take in the big picture. But we do have a knack at surviving

Agghh, ok how the hell did I end up talking about this in a Tim Cain interview? Alrighty, that's the last I'll say on this since this conversation is more appropriate in a P&R thread, but since you asked that's my answer. That is a P.A. event to me. Despite the four horseman BS I highly doubt we will ever truly die out as a species. Hopefully we'll evolve a bit more, but die out completely like a true apocalypse? Naaahhh, no way. We're too stubborn and devious to die out completely.
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