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October 31st, 2011, 15:28
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Still doesn't change the fact that Ultima was a great series and he dumped it to pursue his dreams of a MMO. Not anything wrong with that except for the fact that I really enjoyed his SP games and wish he stuck with us to make more.

I remember reading in RUN magazine or one of the others about how he wanted to make a MMO game back before there was even such a thing as MMO (I believe there were called MUDs back then ). Well he did it and did it well from how successful Ultima Online was.

The point is that it's great for him that he did that, but bad news for his SP fans like myself.

Now that he is returning to SP after what? A decade? Two? It's for the freaking iOS/Android. That's great…..So in other news there are developers who give a rat's ass about SP RPGs on the PC. They're called Iron Tower, Doublebear, Rampant Coyote, Basilisk Games, Soldak, Spiderweb, Heroic Fantasy Games, CDP, Obsidian, Indie Stone, Classic Games Remade and many more popping up all the time. So he can keep his iOS. I'll take one of those please.
I agree 100%. I'd LOVE to see him make a top quality stand alone game again for the PC. I just don't get the hate towards him for essentially doing what made him successful in the first place.

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