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October 31st, 2011, 15:40
Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
I think the people that get mad that he has 'abandoned' the PC miss an important point about Garriott. He made his name, and is fortune, not so much on the PC (or the various computers before the PC took over), but by pushing the envelope. It just happened that pushing the envelope occurred on the PC. He's always been about doing what is cutting edge and the fact is that the PC market simply isn't the cutting edge, while the tablet and phone market is.

Not that I don't want to see him make a PC game, I do!
I think the PC is not cutting edge because no one is taking risks and doing cutting edge. It's not the medium, it's the media. You still see some of it. I would say in some respects the Witcher 2 is. Visually, it's right up there with some AAA shooters and I would say it's the most visually stunning non-shooter game.

As far as most of the games on iOS and Android go, I wouldn't say they are cutting edge so much as they are popular and trendy, which is an important distinction. At least in terms of the tablets, and increasingly this is true for phones as well, most of those games don't even come close to pushing the limit of the hardware. They are also mostly remakes of old games or games in the style of old games, so they aren't really anything new.

To me, I see Richard Garriott as someone who used to be a trend setter and is now a trend follower. First and foremost he goes where the money is but that wasn't always the case.
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