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October 31st, 2011, 15:41
Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
I agree 100%. I'd LOVE to see him make a top quality stand alone game again for the PC. I just don't get the hate towards him for essentially doing what made him successful in the first place.
He switched genres. I'm not really sure what's not to get. Sure he might have been pushing the envelope, but does that get me another Ultima game in the genre that made him successful in the first place?

Call it selfish, but I would love for Lord British to make a singleplayer Ultima or Ultima-like game on the PC again. I would buy it without reading one review or seeing any screenshots or any information at all on it. Just tell me he developed it and bam! I'm there. Tell me he's creating a game for the iOS and well……you get this reaction

The dude created a diehard fan out of me with Ultima III and he continued to have one even up to Ultima 9. Then he jumped ship.

So the point here is that we get no new RPG for the PC from him even when he FINALLY heads back to SP after a horribly long stint in MMO-land.
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