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October 31st, 2011, 17:38
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Still doesn't change the fact that Ultima was a great series and he dumped it to pursue his dreams of a MMO.
Dumped it?

Garriott has no role in EA/OSI's decision making of killing all their single player franchise in 98/99 to make instead MMO that all got cancelled. UO was definitly a genre pushing game, but I don't think anyone - Garriott included - ever thought at the time it would drive Origin in the ground because EA would suddently felt it was a "genius idea" to turn his AAA single player studio into a MMO only company.

Sure, he could have stayed at EA and worked on Ultima Online 2 (which is what EA/OSI's management wanted him to do), but I doubt that would have changed anything, and I can understand that he wanted to try new things as well.

And while Tabula Rasa was admitedly a failure, I thought the basic concept behind it (ie: he wanted to bring the equivalent of a single player RPG into a MMO environment) was sound and still is though this day altough I don't think anyone has ever nailed it a this point.

To me, I see Richard Garriott as someone who used to be a trend setter and is now a trend follower. First and foremost he goes where the money is but that wasn't always the case.
I don't know. Garriott feels to me like the guy who always wants to try new things and push things in new direction - this is basically what he aims to do with Portalarium and social games: he doesn't want to create Zynga-type games, he wants to create fullbown gaming experience in the social media land. He sees this as a new frontier in gaming and basically a new way to distribute games, and I can understand his reasoning in this case. That's not to say he's gonna succeed, but I'm certainly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until his "New Britannia" concept comes to the light of day.

I think trying to paint Garriott as just going "where the money is" is a tad unfair. He seemed very passionate about MMOs, and he seems very passionnate about Portalarium as well.

I also think he doesn't want to work with big corporate companies like EA and NC Soft anymore, hence the indie approach of Portalarium as well. We'll see how that goes.

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