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October 31st, 2011, 19:55
trapped dead
its a great zombie game that unlike the hordes of actiony other games, is the closest game i think to the much anticipated dead state
its a throw back to the zombie 80 movies with slow zombies and a story line with comic book style montages and dialogs. of course its not an rpg though it is like the commandos games which hold a special place in my heart. you have inventories and each character you aquire/save has different stats and abilities to use either melee/ranged weapons effectively or in the case of the doctor do more than just stop the bleeding (which attracts zombies from a large range) with medkits. ammo is scarce and the game has an active pause to issue commands. plus i can't remember anyother games especially a zombie game that had a playable character in a wheelchair—seeing him wheel around with a double barreled shotgun is great. the levels are huge and just the commando games can take hours each depending on your play style. there's save points that can be used once throughout the level. also the traps are cool to and if used effectively can save ammo and heath. luring zobies to the electrocution chair room that has water on the floor was a huge help on the prison level i just completed.
i bought it for $5 but this game is easily worth full price.

tropico 3
after owning it for over a year i finally got into it and nearly blew my entire sunday on the first level. just couldn't let the city go and kept on long after i'd completed the level. its a beautiful looking and fun city builder that has all the bells and whistles to make it immersive from the elections to the radio stations and people mulling about. also this had to have been patched in but its quite omninous that one of the leaders you can preselect is a dark-skinned entrepeneur chap named "voodoo pizzaman"
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