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November 1st, 2011, 02:59
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Just like something like Avatar, one of my favorite examples, which is a movie that "universally" appeals due to the nature of the story and the visual spectacle. Something which as a "recipe" should appeal to most people - and it certainly does.

Personally, I think it's a complete piece of shit with absolutely nothing that appeals to me, as an individual, in a way that makes it a worthwhile experience - but I also understand that I'm "strange" in how I don't think a movie is good just because it looks good.
When people ask my opinion of Avatar I always say "It's a very pretty screensaver".

re: DMoMM. I got it a while back as part of an Ubi M&M pack on Steam. Really should get around to playing it one day.
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