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November 1st, 2011, 03:21
For the original core classes (Fighter, Bard, etc) it is alphabetic order; if you have 10 levels of Bard and 10 of Wizard, then you're considered a Bard for the TR feat.

Favored souls, Monks, and Artificers are tacked on to the end of the list, and thus are out of order; e.g. A Bard 10/Artificer 10 will still be considered a Bard. Between these classes, I think Monk came out before Favored Soul, but I'm not sure; they are in order of release.

Otherwise it is your highest level class; a 16/2/2 Bard/Fighter/Rogue will be considered a Bard, a 18/2 Cleric/Monk a Cleric, and so forth.

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