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November 1st, 2011, 04:13
Originally Posted by Saxon1974 View Post
People are going to play this game on release….actually I mean beta test it?

It will be a MUCH better game in 6 months.
I've been waiting a long time for this game and come hell or high water, I'm starting my playthrough at 12:01am on release date.

In fact, if I were given an opportunity to play a horribly bug ridden version back in February, I would have leaped at the chance. It's going to be a massively fun game, regardless of bugs.

I think for people playing on Xbox or PS3, bugs can be very problematic, but for anyone playing on PC, if some cosmetic glitch makes you stuck in the terrain or something similar, you can use console command to get out of it.

That was my experience with Fallout New Vegas. I had a fantastic time with it and no crashes or anything serious; however, some PS3/Xbox gamers had to restart their game due to cosmetic glitches.

Hell, I've played Oblivion for several hundred hours with hundreds of mods installed and the game still crashes on me after all these years. It certainly can't be worse than that.
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