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November 1st, 2011, 05:53
I actually just finished 2 games in a row which is amazing for me I don't usually finish games.

DXHR- Good game, liked the stealth and cover shooting. Didn't really notice a whole lot of c&c. Would like to give it another go and play non-lethal but not sure I'll have the time.

Batman Arkham Asylum- Not a batman fan at all but my brother recommended it because of the stealth mechanics. Dare I say I enjoyed it at least as much as dxhr and maybe more. I though the atmosphere and voice acting were great, the story was solid and who doesn't want to stick it to the joker. I will be getting Arkham City for sure. The pc controls took some getting used to and the few areas where you couldn't control the camera were frustrating. They reused a lot of assets but I never found myself getting bored.

I was wondering what game to play before skyrim and this thread has answered it. DMoMM. I've wanted to finish this 1 for a while. How long is it? I figure I can get in 15 hours of gaming by the 11th. Will that be enough time?
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