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November 1st, 2011, 13:17
Who was that guy yesterday whom I quickly met on the ship ? He had been running around, using the ship's "goodies", and was gone again almost in an instant.

Peter, was that you ?

I learned a hard lesson yesterday : These small, lizard-like beings (they're called "kobolds" in the German-language texts) are relatively weak, but in masses they are absolutely deadly for a level 3 character. I died so many times in the sewers …

Unfortuntely kobold ? goblin ? shamans and throwers don't stop attacking when a character is unconscious - in stark contrast to the normal ones and the warriors. That's the exact reason why my char died so often yesterday.

Another lesson learned : Being sttubborn is sometimes a good thing. I solved the quest called "Arachnophobia" with less than 5 points health ! - My character was knocked out I think it was 10 times ( ! ), but luckily I discovered that he is able to stabilize himself if the healthpoints are not below -3 points … I barely made it ! I was sooo proud of myself afterwards …

My character is now in the midst of level 3 - I can't wait until I get level 4 because of the ability to cast spells !

During level-up to level 3 I gave him the ability to use magical items, but his points in this talent are still relatively low.

Smashing containers also made my character rich. He has now something around 200 of … what is it ? silver coins ? Platinum coins ?
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