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November 1st, 2011, 14:57
Watch out for the Kobold Shamans since they are worse then most other magic using enemies (that I have encountered so far) especially with their hold person spell which is really irritating.

PS. I can't believe you have so little money at your level. I had over 600 platinum by the time I left Korthos Island and currently at level 5 I have 41,000 pp but 35,000 of that is from selling motes of the night on the auction. (motes of the night are what you get from doing the Mabar event killing the undead and turning in the items)

PPS. You should do the event even if you don't want to sell the motes on the auction since you can get some very useful equips. I got a cloak that has a chance to turn you invisible when you get hit which is very useful since most enemies can't hurt you while you are invisible and since you can still attack with this invisibility you get free attacks every time it takes effect. (It has been extremely useful for me)

EDIT: I forgot one thing and that is if you go to Delara's Grave to do the Mabar event be careful of the red named undead since they will attack you even if you don't attack them but I think someone else has to attack them first since that was the only times they attacked me. They are not hard to get away from but I had one curse me and I had to go to a spirit binder to get cured.
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