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November 1st, 2011, 19:42
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
PS. I can't believe you have so little money at your level.
Sometimes I just don't smash barrels etc. because it's so tedious. Plus, I tend to rather hoard items (*blush*) - especially in the beginning, when I'm not quite able to distinguish what's better and what not and what I might keep for future excoursions …

Right now I'm becoming more and more used to everything, which also means I can distinguish what I need and what I don't much better. I especially sell items which I can't really use (without any penalty, that is).

Besides, what I can say is that the Guild Ship's "Goodies" are really helping me ! A good investment !

Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
PPS. You should do the event even if you don't want to sell the motes on the auction since you can get some very useful equips.
Okay, thanks for your advice. Now I need to ind out where this location actually is (I lready reaf about it in the DDO News).

Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Particularly for the folks with lower level toons, don't forget to update your information in the roster thread every once in a while. There's likely to be a bunch of TR's coming before the end of the year that will be able to run with the newer guild members, but we'll need to stay organized so nobody takes a powerlevel penalty.
Ah, thanks for the reminder !
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