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November 2nd, 2011, 06:37
Farmer Bob is the best quest early quest I've ever played.

Why is Chloe getting wiped out after one spell? This does not compute. In all of the games I played Chloe could always get off more than just one decent spell. She is my go-to-girl for bringing down the enemy.

A word of advice, Dirk is amazing if you give him autofade and dirty trick. I multi-classed him the first time around and still won, but the last time I made him a straight thief and turned Arianna into a paladin. That worked out great.

Ben is much stronger than you believe. Those writheroots spells are a blessing in disguise. I know no one thinks that debuffs do much, but it does help a lot. Angry flowers is no joke either.

It seems to me you aren't getting any skills that boost stamina, tone-down stamina use, or recover more stamina when resting. These are essential to any spellcaster.
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