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November 2nd, 2011, 10:27
I've tried every 4X space game out there, and there's just nothing that comes close to MoO2. GalCiv2 with expansions was ok, but lacked a lot of the finer touches that SimTex understood - as well as lacking multiplayer.

MoO3 with mods is the most interesting alternative, but unfortunately there are too many issues and it's still rather dreary to look at.

MoO2 - after 15 years - still reigns supreme. Much like MoM does.

Beyond that, the best alternatives, to me, are Pax Imperia 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire - though they're both too simple to compete for real. But they're very playable and they have the vital multiplayer feature.

SotS was way too simplistic and focused way too much on the "Homeworld" gameplay. Didn't appeal to me at all, really.

Distant Worlds? No multiplayer - no go.

Space Empires? Way too obtuse and incredibly dry.

Stars!? No flavor whatsoever.

VGA Planet? None of the versions I've seen come close.

There are others that I can't remember, but they've all been inferior.




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