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November 2nd, 2011, 11:18
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
I cant really play moo2 anymore. I played it too much back then and the end game is too much micro (unless you just go and destroy every planet with super gun). My current favorites are Sots and Distant Worlds. Both are been updated this fall. Never liked sins of solar empire even though I tried multiple times. Galcivs ship design felt pointless and its combat is way too simple.

I actually kind of liked homeworld. In economic management sots is closer to moo1 than moo2 but Im okay with that. Ship design and tactical combat was always the most important thing for me in 4x game so I weigh them heavily.
Well, it makes sense that you would prefer SotS if those things are the most important aspects.

I'm much more into the strategic stuff, including espionage/diplomacy/research. I like tactical battles - but I find that it tends to bog down the grand strategy aspects. MoO2 battles also tended to last too long towards the end - and I agree that there's too much micromanagment when you reach mid-game and beyond.

It's not that I play MoO2 much anymore - as it's pointless as a singleplayer game once you've beaten it enough times. But I still have the occasional multiplayer session with friends (hotseat) and it's as great as it always was. But we usually have movies running in the background, and we talk and have fun on the side. It's not a game that works well if you don't have things to do when the others are taking their turn.

Im not going to wait for sots2 retail to arrive anymore so tonight when Im finally at home (dating can really mess up your gaming) Im going to "loan" it to see myself. There seems to be atleast three patches for it.
Well, based on the feedback I'm reading - it's still totally and utterly broken. You might get to see what it'll eventually be about - though you'll most likely not be happy if you expect a functional game. What I'm seeing is another "Elemental" - which is a bunch of nice ideas that are very far from working well together. My estimate would be 3-6 months until it gets to a release-ready state.

I'd recommend just forgettting about it, and checking it out next year at some point.




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