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November 2nd, 2011, 12:13
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
Does the game have big open world or seperate closed areas? Is it an "explorers" game? Looking at the pics the first thought was ultima.
I'd say Driftmoon is something in between the two. The world of Driftmoon is not just one big area, but rather a whole, which includes both larger areas, and small ones. There is quite a lot of exploration in Driftmoon, and there's plenty to find and discover. We want to give you interesting, varying, nonrepetitive, and nonrandom content, so that you'll have fun playing Driftmoon!

Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
I want to know what this dang monster is.

Childhood nightmares…..there's the boogy man, monster under the bed/in the closet and freaking clowns. There is nothing on this Earth that is scarier than a clown.
You might (or might not) be onto something there, but they do say the rat is an intelligent animal. Lets tempt you some more: More important than what our mystery monster is now, is what he once was.

But don't loose your sleep over this, you'll only be able to understand it, once you get your hands on the new Alpha. So a little bit of patience is still required.
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