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November 2nd, 2011, 14:56
Some negatives: Lots of nice scenery but you can't go to much of it other then a tight path forward. The Ai pathing is not very good and I find they are in my way a lot. The combat is repetivive especially when you get to defense parts of missions where you just stay in one spot and defend against hordes of creatures. The companions do a pretty good job of coming to revive you and the voice acting is pretty good. At least they aren't using the same 4 actors for all the voices. However, the character leveling feels pretty generic, this a game we have all played before. Just having the LOTR lore makes it better then a bunch of those action RPG's like Hand of God but not much. So far its a 7.0 for me but barely. I think its some fun co-op and that is where most of the game's appeal is.
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