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November 2nd, 2011, 15:34
Just take into consideration the classes. The different classes get certain bonuses. Read the manual on that part to find out the specifics, but it might help you decide in how to upgrade them.

The spell descriptions say whether or not they use a spellstone. You can pretty much guess what they are though. The area affecting spells almost always take a spellstone while single shot ones don't unless they are very powerful.

I'd also recommend getting the boosting skills for your spell level. Can't remember the exact name, but they make a big difference as well.

Invoke Snoring and Ben's sleep spell are your friends in the beginning. Use it and use it often to the detriment of the other spells. Poison also helps widdle down opponents in the back while your fighters take care of the ones in the front. By the time they get to the front it'll be a simple thing to take them out. Both Chloe and Ben have these spells.

The Divine priest spells are great for multi-classing your fighters (Arianna and Dirk). Most of them are buffs which don't need a roll to hit and the "cleanse the dead" spells are deadly against the undead.
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