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November 2nd, 2011, 17:50
I agree it's not much of an RPG from what I've seen. I was on the fence as to which forum to post this in. Still, another preview I watched they mentioned a few times that it has RPG elements.

It's a single player game. There is no co-op play at all. Apparently you choose a main character from a few archetypes, then a "pawn" (sort of a constant sidekick or henchman that stays with you throughout the whole game) that complements him/her. The online aspect will allow you to use custom pawns that other players have made… not sure how necessary this will be.

After that you can recruit other NPC pawns with varying levels and abilities in many different ways. Some will need you to do a quest, others will need to be paid, some might just join you if you ask nicely.

I'm not an expert on any of this, but that's what I learned from a few articles I read. You can google them, but here's a recent one from Eurogamer that's outright calling it an RPG, and sounds pretty positive:


I'm intrigued. Though I was ultimately put off by the ridiculously hardcore nature of Dark Souls, its Japanese take on a western RPG was extremely refreshing. Hope this has something to offer different than another Dragon Age cinema game or the last fourteen remakes of Gothic. (not that there's anything wrong with those…)
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