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November 2nd, 2011, 17:38
She is powerful. Very very powerful. I really didn't use that many area affect spells with her unless the monsters were vulnerable to certain elementslike fire. Then I blast away.

My build for her was "upgrade spell skills" "Take every stamina related skill" and then buff up her brains.

Be careful if you decide to go Dark. You'll need to upgrade your charm if you want those spells to hit. The one thing about buffing spells is that you don't need to worry about your charm level or hitting them. They automatically work. It's those spells that target the baddies that you need to take into consideration your Charm level.

If other develpoers don't take notice of Jay's stamina system and try to copy it then I'll be very surprised. That is one of the best parts to this game. It's so logical that you wonder why no one has ever done this before and it adds a tactic to the game that just having straight mana can't do. It's the single most innovative feature in a game that I've seen in a long time.

I hope other companies will take notice and start offering our beloved Coyote some choice gaming contracts. I would love to see what he could do when properly funded. His imagination is great, he's proven he can innovate even an old genre like the blobbie and he's a great writer. In other words he needs to be funded like NOW

Anyway, have fun and good hunting. Don't get frustrated when you get to the tower. One last tip: DRAMA STARS!!!! Use the drama stars to recoup your stamina. If possible try to get two gold stars before using it. That way you can recoup everyone in the group, but if you can only get two bronze or silver then definitely use them on your casters. It saves you so much time than having to schlep back to town to sleep.

One last one: Don't use autoheal if you are low on HP/S. Just rest normally and heal through spells. It might seem like more of a hassle, but you are less likely to be hit by a random battle that way. After your done healing then rest one more time. That strategy worked out fine for me.
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