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November 2nd, 2011, 20:59
I haven't been here for a while, and I must say, that's it's good to see a TES subforum up!

I played a bit of Nehrim, and the graphics seemed better than vanilla Ob to me; though I might still have had some of the pluginless (?) mods (that I can't remember what it was anymore) installed into the version of Ob I used. I didn't make a clean re-install, since Nehrim offers to use a copy of Ob, so you can still play your Ob seperately with whatever plugins you prefer.

I must say it looked quite well-polished, and I liked the touch of originality they seemed to insert in many of the quests, though sadly I haven't had time to play it much.

I would recommend it to anyone who's running out of games to play - it's free, so what is it going to cost you to try it out? A small amount of time, that's all.

The only slight downer is lack of English voices if your German totally sucks, like mine; but I just put voices off (nice soundtrack, btw) and read the subtitles.

Does the Morrowind conversion now come with English subtitles as well? I've made my Morrowind look very pretty, so it would be nice if that conversion is compatible with the MGE and other graphics-enhancing mods.
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