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November 2nd, 2011, 22:22
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Really? Want to see me list 20 games that do push the limites of phone/tablet hardware, or did so when they came out?
As you will note I said most, not all. Of course you can name 20 games, and I can probably name 200 that were just basically PC or console games dumped over. I do realize there are some games that really make good use of the mobile formats and I also realize that doesn't always mean simply pushing the limits of the hardware, although since we are paying for the hardware some of that would be nice too.

You're misunderstanding cutting-edge, too. It's not about pushing the technical limits so much as doing new things. Moving to mobile devices full and complete games that were previously only available on PC or console is a new thing. And, yes, it is popular. Not surprisingly so, considering the functions of many devices are being pushed into fewer devices, and the ability to have these functions with you at all times is appealing.
Hypothetically, in the case of Ultima it is basically don't exactly that, shoveling a PC game to the portables. I do think it's possible to make a good game and maybe even a good role playing game that really takes advantage of the portable medium, but it is a very different medium. For one thing a really complex game that takes a while to get going with and that you are going to sit with for hours at a time isn't very well suited for mobile gaming as far as I'm concerned.

I just have a hard time imagining a game that is really well suited for mobile gaming and touch based controls and would still be an Ultima, at least in the way I think of Ultima.
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