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November 2nd, 2011, 23:23
Seriously I'll say it again: Garriott did not ditch Ultima. Ultima belongs to EA, Garriott has no say in the matter. As a matter of fact, he wanted to do a new Ultima game, he contacted EA and they declined, so that's the end of it.

@Motoki - I gotta disagree about the feasability of an Ultima type game on a mobile platforme. For starter geez, now that's not gonna happen but, just take Ultima VII - I see nothing that would prevent it to work on a mobile platform. Also it's likely in time mobile gaming will take over the portable gaming platforms down the roads, and these have plenty of long winded RPG types game. Indeed iOS games are becoming more and more complex (Wtf Dragon on Aiera mentioned a 80h+ 3D RPGs on iOS) so I can see this working in the long run.

On a side note about this news, I'm not sure Garriott is talking about a specific game coming to iOS/Android. I'm thinking he's possibly just referring to the Portalarium framework being porter to iOS/Android since my feeling is that his aim is for Portalarium to offer some form of cloud gaming with games that could work on any browers, or any mobile platform. So it's possible he's just referring to fact that his New Britannia project whenever that comes will also work on mobiles in addition to Facebook and browsers and such…

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