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November 2nd, 2011, 23:25
"Choices may direct you into different conversation branches and give the game a fresh feeling, but making the wrong choice won't cut out a piece of content for you like Fallout 3 and New Vegas so infamously did."

Ah, so…what they're getting at is that there aren't any choices then. I have to say the whole "never lock a player out of content and make sure they can see everything on a single playthrough" is extremely problematic in modern game design. If I can see everything in one plathrough as a result of my choices not carrying any weight, then I have a hard time immersing myself into a game world and buying into the setting, and I also struggle to identify with the "role" I'm supposed to be "playing" in the "game."

As a side-note, it is a sad day when Mass Effect is held up as a pinnacle of choice and consequence in a game, rather than a game with true C&C. Hell, if they have to choose something modern, The Witcher franchise completely blows ME out of the water in the category of choice.
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