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November 3rd, 2011, 00:27
He chose to sell Ultima to EA, no one made him do it. In any case, the name aside, he certainly seems to have ditched Ultima-style games, at least as far as single player games go. I don't really consider the MMO type games to be Ultima style. I consider them a different animal. Having played the Ultima single player games and then UO in the early years I really feel the experience is completely different.

Also, if this news does turn out to be basically the Portalarium clients for mobile devices, well again Portalarium != a classic Ultima type game from what I have read so far of Portalarium. I think people that are hoping for a straight up classic Ultima style game for mobiles with this news are going to be disappointed since I suspect this will be multiplayer and probably micotransactions as well.
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