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November 3rd, 2011, 03:35
I'm about to fight the last boss but I'm too tired to try it, so here is a very quick review: the game is a complete blast!

The carnage and the blend of gun play and melee is incredibly effective. I have to admit, due to raw fun factor this game beats BulletStorm in pretty much every aspect. Graphics serve to immerse but the textures lack the extreme detail you'd expect these days, but there is a good reason they went with that compromise: I haven't seen this much fodder in my path since PainKiller and Serious Sam and the Warhammer engine handles it all with remarkable efficiently. You'll find yourself killing, killing and then killing some more. All that delightful carnage is complimented by the health system: you have to do a gloriously gruesome melee finishing move to heal up like you are some kind of deranged Barbarian Berzerker. It makes you feel like a god of carnage. The ranged weaponry and the melee weaponry has great tactile feel and the toggle between the modes never trips you up so it encourages mixing and matching (RMB is melee vs LMB range; aim is relegated to CTRL).

Some other notables: The gameplay is linear to say the least, but all you are going to care about is getting to the next bloodbath anyway so it is welcome. What surprised me is how effective the voice acting is, some of the best stuff I've heard recently. The plot is interesting enough but you'd have to be pretty daft to be surprised at the plot twists.

But who cares about all that, just give me another 50 Orks to puree.
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