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November 3rd, 2011, 08:53
My first test with "loaned" version wasnt very succesful. The game always crashes onfirst turn during save operation. Not sure if its due to the nature of the "loaned" version or game itself. I applied three patches into it and it doesnt help.

The other things I noticed:

-everytime you exit some screen there is an interface lag of second or two
-you cant freely scroll around in research screen anymore. Instead you are forced to scroll by pressing two small arrow keys (very small in 52" screen)

Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
I could never get into SoTS that much, and I think part of it was just the combat which I didn't enjoy that much. It was neither fast and efficient like GalCiv nor fun and tactical MoO.
Sots combat is actually quite tactical especially once you research more ship parts. Unless things are totally unbalanced then it matters quote a lot how you design your ships and how you fight.

I do agree that combat is not fast. At best it took around 30-40min to finish combat for one turn in first sots. If you dont find it fun then it definetly isnt your game.
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