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November 3rd, 2011, 08:31
curious we called out Ion too for those Templars. There's also a difference between being left alive and conscious. The implication ingame of unconscious is taken out of the game/arrested. at least this is how I play my games. Same as every other NPC Enemy in the game.

It didn't have to be single hit taken down. if they wanted to make it challenging maybe we should have had to knock them down to 50% health first before a knock out. I'm sure there were other possible solutions. Personally I don't believe them, they constantly changed their story and one factor they always lied about was PC versus console.

So if extrapolate here, does adding these forced boss fights help or hurt the console sales?

My bet what happened is they found out they sold more PC (becasue of Steam) than console. Now they are crapping in their pants, we're going to find out.
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