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November 3rd, 2011, 14:14
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
That has always been my argument about iOS and Android game business models - if a AAA game on X360/PC costs $100 million+ to make, and a similar DS/PSP property costs $40 million … and those sell for $30 - $60 … do the math, it would be like selling 200 million copies of Battlefield 3 to match the profits on the iPhone that EA made for the console game.
And interestingly, Angry Birds has now been downloaded over 500 million times. Admittedly, that is across all versions, including the free ones. But yeah, some iOS games have seen incredible sales.

I find that I am much more forgiving on a mobile device than on PC. Presentation issues in games that I would have trouble with on PC, are great on iPhone and somehow seem more fun than if I would place it on a big screen PC. For example, some of the old-school re-releases, retro-games or old point-and-click adventures. I find myself playing old SNES games in an emulator that I would not have spent the time on were I on PC!

So to me there is a lot of potential for fun. I don't believe that Garriott will necessirly use crippling in-app purchases; those are the domain of run-of-the-mill freemium Korean RPG's.
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