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November 3rd, 2011, 14:24
Geez Louise, 16 bucks for them all?! Now that's a bargain! Don't even want to remember how much I paid for them back in the day (when even one of them costed more than 16 bucks). I might even buy them again via Steam now, so I can get rid of the CDs and registration keys.

Anyone interested in CRPGs (caveat: must be able stand archaic graphics and UIs) should get this collection. Now! Go get it. Shoo, don't hang around here. Go get it!!

Originally Posted by Dhruin
Geneforge 1, 4 and 5 in particular are tremendous games
If memory serves, Geneforge 2 was good as well. It's only G3 which is sub-par, IMO. (It's been awhile, though.)
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