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November 3rd, 2011, 15:48
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
Actually in a way I find it appropriate. PCs twenty years ago were very primitive compared to what we have now and games of that period, not matter how good, were equally primitive. Today's iGadgets, no matter how good they are, are also very primitive compared to a pc.
Not really. There actually are some games that are fully 3D and some of those devices have dual core Nvidia processors (with quad core ones just around the corner). There are actually some games that look almost comparable to some PC games and definitely comparable to some modern console stuff.

It's not that the hardware can't do it, it's that the producers of these games want to go for the lowest common denominator most times and that means catering to older generation hardware and lower end phones and such. It's also because for now, those old 8-bit style games sell and are much cheaper to make so they are riding that gravy train. Eventually I think all the hardware will catch up and we will see games that are increasingly modern looking.

I personally believe that mobile devices (via video out to a TV or monitor) and/or cloud gaming will eventually replace consoles, but we will see. Onlive is coming out with fully functional apps for iOS and Android soon that runs the games server side on their hardware so that may be another option for people with low end hardware.
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