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November 3rd, 2011, 19:03
Lots of Orcs Trolls and Spiders so you got me there. Goblins also and different levels of Orcs. Magic users, soldiers, Uruk-hai, etc. The main enemy is human.

That setting is at the same time as the fellowship; Acting on Aragorn's behalf, you and your small group go to the north and stir up trouble with one of Sauron's leaders who is gathering a large force to help take over Middle earth. Dwarven warrior, Dunedain Ranger and Elven Loremaster are the race and class choices but really you can play all three by switching in hub towns.

The environments are:
Barrow Downs-Bree-Norbindad_Fornost_Mount Gundabad

Two extra challenge maps providing exp and gold are:Lorien and Osglioth
The combat is fun with regular attacks and heavy attacks which lead to heroic combo's. Lots of slow motion shots when you score a great combo like heads,limbs coming off. It has an original story that is based on vague writings by Tolkien that he never really expanded on in the books. The heroes are all made up but they seem to all be familar to the characters from the books and movies who also appear in the game.

It's very Lord of the Rings-however one downer for our friends across the pond is it isn't available til later in the month-around Skyrim time which was a huge mistake on Warner Brothers part.
If you have a good internet connection you can play the game free on onlive for 30 minutes or watch people play-it can give you a good idea of what the game is.
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