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November 4th, 2011, 13:03
They were similar, in a sense, yes. Gothic 2 had a great final dungeon as well though. You could almost call it a PB staple; the final dungeon crawl.

Phwoar…I'm really feeling the communal group love for Gothic in this thread and it's a nice feeling. Thought I'd take a moment to bask in its glow a little with a bit of self-indulgent reflection.

I've finished Gothic three times and Risen twice and consider them both fantastic experiences. Nostalgically I probably lean towards Gothic a little more, but they both do what they do so exceptionally well.

Have to agree wholeheartedly on what was said about the control scheme - I've never understood the issues either. It was a simple few moments of adjustment for me. I actually played the German demo of Gothic I first - but even the language barrier wasn't enough to stop me from wanting the full game.

I have to admire your dedication, mad one. *salutes and utters Ulu-mulu as a token of respect*. Good job on sharing the Gothic love.
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