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November 4th, 2011, 14:32
FYI, while the original link only shows through Ultima VI on the navigation part at the top, he's put up through Ascension, though the pictures are wrong on Ascension. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/ultima/ultima10.htm

I'm curious to see what he writes for Savage Empire/Martian Dreams given this comment in the Ascension article:

he package also included every piece of documentation for the games in multiple faithfully-rendered electronic formats on the CD, as well as a series of short interviews with Richard Garriott about himself, the previous games, and the upcoming Ultima IX. (the collection notably does not include the Underworld or Worlds of Adventure titles, which disappointed basically everyone).
I know that they never achieved the sales figures that Origin had been looking for, but I was under the impression that both titles were reasonably well received. Savage Empire has always been one of my favorite games. I remember being so incredibly excited when it was announced because it was an Ultima game that was outside of the main storyline, opening up endless possibilities for more Ultima games.

Also, I had never heard this before (from the Ultima VII page):

Serpent Isle has a storied development history. The game was originally intended to be a new Worlds of Ultima title, a game themed around snake-worshipping pirates, voodoo and swashbuckling. However, the two released Worlds of Ultima titles, Savage Empire and Martian Dreams, had disappointingly low sales and the outlook for the game wasn't improved by the resignation of project lead Jeff George from Origin during development.


With the limited success of the Worlds of Adventure line and the change in focus of Serpent Isle, this became Origin's last attempt at creating a standalone Ultima with an existing engine.
The first part is news to me. I had never heard that Serpent Isle was intended to be a Worlds of Ultima game. The last part seems to be flat our wrong though as Authrian Legends was in development after Serpent Isle.

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