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November 4th, 2011, 19:58
I know that they never achieved the sales figures that Origin had been looking for, but I was under the impression that both titles were reasonably well received.
They definitly were well received, both amongst review and fans. Martian Dreams is often a fan favorite actually.. amongst those that DID play it that is. This is very much the issue with the World of Ultima games - most people never played it.

However I'm thinking his sentence is saying that everyone was dissapointed that the WoUs and the UWs were not included in the Ultima Collection, rather than being dissapointed by the games.

The first part is news to me. I had never heard that Serpent Isle was intended to be a Worlds of Ultima game. The last part seems to be flat our wrong though as Authrian Legends was in development after Serpent Isle.
That is indeed true, Serpent Isle began as a Worlds of Ultima type game however it was decided very early in development (the team was just being put together) to make it a follow up to Ultima VII instead. At this point it was not even decided for sure if this was meant to be an actual World of Ultima game, or something unrelated to Ultima just using the same engine.

Regarding Arthurian Legends, while it seems possible the project initiated as a World of Ultima game (on account of Richard Garriott mentioning this as a possible spin off back in the U7 days), the project in the end was -not- an Ultima: just a a Arthurian inspired RPG with the Ultima VII engine. I'm not sure how far the development went though, design was complete as docs but we have no exact idea how much was made. As I recall the project had a small team to begin with, and people kept being taken to put on other projects until there was eventually no one left to work on it. Sad.

I do think the development was around the same time as SI though… not sure. And I'm pretty sure there must have been other attempts at Ultima spin off we haven't heard off though in the end, they ended reusing Ultima engines for different stuff (ie the U8 engine for Crusader)

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