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November 4th, 2011, 21:47
Originally Posted by Sergorn View Post
Erm d'oh, I meant to say it probably cost a lot LESS to produce than UVII. Not more.

I actually fail to see how it could possibly have cost more since it was done in less time, with existing tech, and not a lot of new art assets. I'd be curious to see this interview from Garriott if you know where it is.
I had the same thought, but according to Garriott it did:


"The tools and the actual game are so interwoven that the task of extracting the tools and using them for another game is about as expensive as building a game from scratch.

That brings along to Ultima VII part 2: Serpent Isle, which was actually closer to the model of the Worlds of Ultima. Serpent Isle was really expensive. It cost more to make Serpent Isle than Ultima VII part one. It actually sold quite well and was reviewed better than the original, but again, it didn't really make economic sense. "

It's not like the completly dropped these ideas after SI though even for Ultima games.

As a matter of fact, the very first iteration of Ultima IX was built off Ultima VIII's tech since it used Crusader's engine (to be more precise Ultima IX and Crusader were being developped at the same time sharing the same tech and a lot of code - so they both were built upon U8's engine) but Garriott was dissatisfied with the direction it was taking which lead to its cancellation and the overhead 3D "Bob White" version of the game to start in its stead.

Was that the one that was going to be party based? I remember seeing some screen shots from the alpha build. Wish we'd had that!

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