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November 5th, 2011, 05:56
Thanks to Alrik for sending in a couple of Dragon Commander interviews with Larian's Swen Vincke. The first is a short Q&A on Facebook:
Q: Could we have more info about the RPG part (story-wise)?
They key-phrase here is going to be - "real decisions".
Every character you'll encounter has a detailed branching storyline & character arc, and the choices you make are going to have big impact on them. I realize that the phrase "choice & consequence" has been over-abused by PR & marketing departments when it comes to RPG's, but in Dragon Commander we have the perfect opportunity to confront you with many moral, ethical, political & personal interesting situations, and we'll exploit that. The extent to which this goes will only be visible once gameplay footage is being shown of that, so you'll have to be a bit more patient before you can fully appreciate how the entire choice/consequence game will pan out.
I believe one of the images that was already released here on Facebook showed you part of a flowchart ? Well, that flowchart shows all the fundamental decisions you could make around one character, and there's plenty of these flowcharts.
…and the second is on GameStar.ru and is a translated interview from the Russian Igromir show:
And what about other possibilities? There is a global map, some real time maps and an RPG element…
- It's quite a lot actually, you will be very surprised; its almost impossible to show it to you now. But we are RPG makers, at heart, and we won't forgot our roots. The characters are extremely realistic developed, much better than in the previous games, of course we have to finalize it but we will have much more choices and consequences than other RPG ever in this game. And the reason why is the way weve constructed the game.
Get well, Alrik!
More information.
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