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November 5th, 2011, 06:34
I like Gal Civ 2 quite a bit - especially the ability to create my own races both to play and to fight against. The complete lack of any tactical battles gets on my nerves, though. Designing nice looking ships is OK as far as it goes but I like messing with firing arcs and whatnot. SotS gives me that.

Stars! Oh manů that was QUITE some time ago. I remember playing Spaceward Ho on my brother-in-law's Mac and having a pretty good time, too.

I'm not sure how SotS is anything like Homeworld??

SotS 2 is improving by leaps and bounds but it's got a pretty big mountain to climb. Another 3 weeks and I think the game will be playable. It might be rougher than a gravel road but I think it will be possible to get through a game.
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