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November 5th, 2011, 12:18
Sounds like fun.

Besides, there's not much needed until I reach level 4 … I'm a little bit surprised how long this needs to reach a new level … But yes, I haven't played D&D for quite a while so I've forgotten how long this might take …

Yesterday I opened the Adventure Compendium to see which quests were still available for me as a low-lovel character. I completed one of them last night, and will do the other left level-2-quest this night or the next one.

What I plan to try as well is revisiting Korthos Island and do one of the really early quests with a higher difficulty, just to try out how they play, then.

The Mabar event is gone by ow (that was to be expected), and the graveyard looked a little bit rather dull without the colourful pumpkins.

Haven't been in the Crafting Hall again so far - and yesterday I noticed something odd : The House Jorasco seemed to be empty - I entered the house, but there were no people inside of it !

I visited it because I did a tiny "the mark of the dragon" quest to find out more about my character's future - and I was pointed towards a mind-flyer (really ???) named Fred (such a simple name ???) who was supposed to reside within House Jorasco ?

I was a little bit confused because I couldn't find out more about him.
I guess Ill check the Wiki if there's any notice of him.

Another "oddity" I found is that exactly in the middle of the giant tent-like Marketplace (in the Marketplace district) there is a memorial which one can click on and seemingly enter it … I refrained from doing so so far.

Besides, what does the yellow colour in the chat window mean ? Is this a special colour restricted to a certain kind of participants ? GMs , for example ?

And - how do I arrange those fast-access bars ? I haven't figured it out yet.
And last : Is there a way to enlarge the chat window ?
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