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November 5th, 2011, 21:46
I'm still on Amnesia. I finally today found the time (and the courage) to make some real progress. (During the week I wanted to play something that would actually be relaxing and wouldn't make me want to cower in a corner and cry so I stuck with M&B Warband instead.)

As it turns out, what I expected happened: the persistent intensity of the game finally numbed me and I now feel quite comfortable in it. The monsters are not as intimidating now that I've actually encountered them - hear roar, hide in a corner, wait for the drums to stop beating, resume exploration… I often feel it would be more convenient to just let the monster butcher me really quickly, since it often just disappears after reloading, so that I can speed things up.

Then again it might still prove to be slow burning - like Scratches with just stuck with me and caused me to lose my sleep the day after I finished it! I'm really enjoying it regardless. In a way I find that the game it resembles the most is Portal 2 (single player): Not much to do, no serious challenge to be found but the ride is awesome!
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