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November 6th, 2011, 00:24
So, now, after finishing the Crafting Tutorial, I finally gained enough experience points to get to level 4 ! Yay !
I'm still confused, though : The process is overly complex for my taste. Has anyone a flowchart for me ?

What I also didn't quite understand is how to assemble weapons with "tiny guild enhancement slots" or how they are named. I found out that in … well, that dwarven enclave (I have a notoriously bad memory for names !) there are "guild merchants", but I haven't figures out what's their different to normal merchants ?
And I have found that they sell for example tiny crystals … But I haven't figured out how to assemble them ? The description says I must go to a certain place … Forgot the name of it, of course …

House Jorasco is still empty.

I was disappointed that I could only ready ONE SINGLE spell for my ranger … I had hoped it would be at least two … But I took "resist energy" anyway, it's the best shield against those goblin ? shamans and throwers I hope …

Edit : Besides, I found out what the chat colours mean : They're listed in the main menu options …
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