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November 6th, 2011, 01:36
I wouldn't enter the memorial until you are well and ready; that leads to the Subterrea, which is a difficult area meant for full raid groups of 12 level 18-20 people.

XP to level is considerably higher in DDO than in 3.5e, but then you also get ranks, which gives a constant progression throughout each level.

You can drag your hotbars around to wherever you see fit, just hover the mouse cursor over the bar and when it turns into a cross, click and drag. There's a tiny arrow on the left side that you can undock bars with, so you can have more than one up. I typically have 8-16 on my screen at all times. Undocked bars have another, curved, arrow that can turn it from horizontal to vertical.

Just drag items, spells, enhancements, or feats to the hotbar slots to set them up.
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