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November 6th, 2011, 20:15
Okay, I finished the "The Harbormasters Favour" quest today. Was für ein Krampf ! I'm done with it now !

That said, I'm doing a small break from it, unless you want to do the above mentioned raid.
I think I'll have a break from for at least the next 2 days.

In the end I could say, on the other hand, that the bounty (?) for finishing the quest was the most interesting one I've had so far. Especially the choices the guard who was looking for his relatives gave me.

In the end, I took an "acrobat's ring", because that's what I'm focusing right now apart from anything bow-related, and from the harbormaster himself I took a "+2 Docent" or how this thing for warforged ones is called (it looks like C-3PO's "navel"), because I had no use for the other items (didn't quite fit into my agenda). I put this thing into the guild's chest - and I left the other one I had put a few days ago there, too. If you have no use for it, either just sell it or give me an in-game notice so that I can sell these things myself.

I failed while using the "resist energy" spell because I had erroneousl thought it would help my character resist from ALL kinds of energies … When I really, *really* needed it within the midst of a firce battle, I was presented more than 5 choices !!! WTF ??? I thought - and my character almost died. (I think he died not much later, but I'm not sure about that anymore.)
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