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November 8th, 2011, 16:06
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
The No One Lives Forever series was quite excellent
Seconded! Both NOLF 1 and 2 were excellent games. In addition to being good shooters, they were innovative, stylish and funny (and had great music!). That's something you can't say of many shooters. There was a level where you had a firefight inside a house that was being flown around by a hurricane. Can't say that was a scenario I had encountered in shooters before.

Say what you will of the Halo franchise, but the original Halo (on PC) does rank quite high on my list of good shooters. I liked the story and the universe of it (military sci-fi suits well to shooters, IMO). The aliens/enemies were well done and had character, the weapons were distinctive (even if the assault rifle was quite poor, I used to use it just because I liked the design and the feel of it - I'm a nutter, I know), and the vehicles were something really new for me (I think it was the first time in my gaming life that I drove and flew vehicles in shooters). Those all coupled to solid shooter gameplay with variety and drive was more than enough for me.

Sure, there were things that could've been refined, like the endless library level or the really overpowered pistol, but just thinking about the game reminds me of many great moments I had with back in the day. Like the intro to Silent Cartographer, the total rampage whilst driving a Warthog over the enemies, almost falling to the floor laughing at some of the cries the grunts had (felt sorry for the little buggers), etc. etc.
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